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Natural Soap From Bali Aromatherapy Products

Natural soap has been made from combining three base ingredients such as water, lye and oil. Need some experience to get best result. High quality ingredients that are used in making natural soap process will determine the quality of the product. Natural soap maker will try to make variety natural soap that not just for clean your body but can healing and therapy your soul with its scent.

How Natural Soap Is made In Bali Aromatherapy

Cold process and hot process are two basic procedures in soap making process. Cold process is the way that Bali aromatherapy chooses to make soap product. Bali Aromatherapy products produce some types homemade natural soap. Natural soap that is made in Bali Aromatherapy consists of natural ingredient such as oil (coconut oil, olive oil), water, beeswax, cinnamon, paprika, honey, chocolate, ginger. Chemical substance that only added in making soap process is lye. Without lye in soap making process, foaming cannot appear in soap product. It is means that soap product has no cleaning effect.

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